About Us


ALPHA IOANNOU ECO – TECH is a newly established company dedicated to energy issues in Cyprus. Our main activity is to introduce and install new technologies in both private and public buildings as well as technical public projects, with the main goal of saving energy, reducing electricity wastage and Energy Upgrading structures.

Our aim is to create spaces that combine functional, technical, technological and aesthetic ideal requirements of the modern man while ensuring thermal comfort and a pleasant environment, our main focus being low energy consumption and reduced costs. Specialized engineers are at your disposal to listen and suggest the best possible solution, providing integrated planning and high quality services, with particularly favorable financial terms. Our efforts to achieve our goals are based on the respect for our client and the environment while in constant communication with you, in order to immediately and completely satisfy your requirements.

The proper functioning of ALPHA IOANNOU ECO – TECH is based on our values as shown below:


The company was founded by Anthimos Ioannou, a civil engineer with extensive experience in the construction sector and the core composition of our company is a team of reliable and qualified Civil Engineers. Using the knowledge and experience of these engineers in the construction industry ALPHA IOANNOU ECO – TECH gives solutions to save energy, for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in all kinds of structures, both new and existing.

The ALPHA IOANNOU ECO – TECH team consists of:

Anthimos Ioannou (General Manager)

B.Sc & M.Sc in Civil Engineering Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Polytechnic Department
Founder of Alpha Ioannou Construction Ltd
20 years of professional experience in the construction industry.


Michalis Mavris (Technical Manager)

B.Sc in Civil Engineering Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Engineering Department


Kleo Doxani (Civil Engineer)

B.Sc in Civil Engineering Democritus University of Thrace – Engineering Department


Panaretos Panaretou (Civil Engineer & Enviromental Engineer)

B.Sc in Civil & Environmental Engineering University of Cyprus – Engineering Department
Μ.Sc in Petroleum Engineering Heriot – Watt University, Edinburgh, UK


At ALPHA IOANNOU ECO – TECH we use quality materials which are produced by companies that are trusted with a long presence in the manufacturing of building materials, certified and guaranteed by the law of the European Union.


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