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Automations | Alpha Ioannou Eco Tech


The modern work and life style requires the introduction of automatic central control in all large buildings such as hotels, schools, airports, offices, hospitals etc. The installation of this system contributes to effective allocation of energy, resulting in a remarkable reduction of energy waste.

EBM (Energy Building Management System) is an integrated control system geared towards energy management. The management and supervision of all electrical and mechanical installations and systems can be achieved very easily. The controls, including sensors, focus on artificial lighting, shading systems, freight management, heating, air conditioning and ventilation of the room.

ALPHA IOANNOU ECO-TECH following the constant evolution of technology that can be applied to all kinds of buildings encourages and suggests solutions to all our customers that help reduce their power consumption. Automatic centralized control systems play an important role in the new main building design which is categorized as zero-energy buildings







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