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Heating, Cooling and Air Ventilation | Alpha Ioannou Eco Tech

Heating, Cooling and Air Ventilation

Did you know … that using your heating system for a period of eight hours, for each degree you lower the temperature thermostat energy consumption is reduced by 2%

The proper use of new mechanical technologies for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings is considered one of the most important actions that contribute effectively to the energy upgrade of buildings. The older thermal systems used in existing areas are energy consuming and unprofitable. ALPHA IOANNOU ECO-TECH in collaboration with certified competent engineers take full responsibility in preparing technical and economical plans and replacing existing systems with new generation systems accelerating the reduced energy losses directly related to the power wastage. Extra guarantee is ensured as well as maintenance and repair service in case of any damage.

The solutions proposed, differ depending on the type and use of the area under study (home, hotel, public or commercial building). The main solutions that are usually proposed to upgrade the heating systems, air conditioning and ventilation in buildings are:


Air conditioning Systems of High Energy Class:

The selection of air conditioners is made by taking in account their energy efficiency and the needs of your space. Given the widespread use of air conditioners in Cyprus, especially for space cooling purposes, the use of high performance air conditioners enable significant energy savings. Depending on the functionality of the proposed area of study various units are proposed:

Split Units
Split Units
VRV Συστήματα



Condensing Boilers



Solar Thermal Systems:







Heat Pumps Air to Water:

Αντλία Θερμότητας Air to Water

Heat Recovery System:

Συστήματα Ανάκτησης Θερμότητας


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