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Lighting | Alpha Ioannou Eco Tech


Proper lighting of buildings is necessary for the psychophysical balance of man. Artificial light plays an important role in our lives; it has to approach the natural brightness so as not to be aggressive.

The continuous development of our technology transfers us to a new lighting world. Over the centuries we have progressed from fire, to the candle, to the incandescent lamp, to the fluorescent lamp, to the Microlight and finally to LED lights (light emitting diode). Simply put, we have progressed from high electricity consumption due to major heat losses, to cooler temperatures and fewer watts of LED lights.

ALPHA IOANNOU ECO – TECH, knowing the great potential of the new generation of lamps that save a large percentage of electricity, offers integrated solutions for the replacement of existing lighting with LED lighting, leaning towards a better and more pleasant brightness of rooms. This service includes:

  1. Free implementation of techno-economic design to upgrade the lighting in homes, businesses, industrial facilities and street lighting, presenting the best possible payback of the initial cost due to the reduced costs of electricity.
  2. Provision and installation of LED lamps in the proposed area with a guarantee.
  3. Use of products certified by European organizations, to ensure the highest quality, reliability and safety of use.
  4. Lighting Optimization ensuring a comfortable and pleasant use of the proposed space from the user involved.


Benefits of the new generation LED lamps:


LED Lamp Types:















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