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Shading Systems | Alpha Ioannou Eco Tech

Shading Systems

Shading Systems are defined as passive technologies, the use of which is necessary to bioclimatic architectural design. These systems play an important role in the contribution of energy efficient buildings. They can be mobile or fixed, they protect the building from the sun, reducing the energy required to cool the building. Thorough research has shown that with the use of shading systems the temperature of built-up areas can be reduced by more than 5oC.

The two main reasons for installing a shading system in buildings are: during the summer period, to avoid unnecessary radiation reducing energy demand for cooling of the interior, while in the winter, the installation of shading can reduce the energy demand for heating. Additionally, based on the direction, the southern side of a building has the advantage, with the right positioning of a canopy to protect in the summer but also to collect the required heat in the winter, as the sun is lower. Mobile shades are the best solution for the east and west side, so they can open in winter and close in summer.

ALPHA IOANNOU ECO-TECH provides external shading systems such as blinds, awnings, etc., as well as internal shading systems such roller blinds with SPC (solar protective coating) fabrics, all of which meet the necessary requirements such as protection from the sun, natural light, ventilation and without obstacles to your view.




Types of Shading Systems:

External venetian blinds:

Περσίδες Εξωτερικού Χώρου

Pergolas Sunbreakers:


Exterior Rolling Shutters:

Εξωτερικά Ρολά

Awnings Tenta:


Internal Blinds:

Εσωτερική Σκίαση
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