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Thermal Insulation | Alpha Ioannou Eco Tech

Thermal Insulation

A poorly insulated building has increased cooling and heating costs. The reduction of heat loss can be achieved with proper insulation.

The cost for cooling and heating a building does not only depend on the volume of the building, the climate of the area and the desired internal temperature, but also depends on the amount of heat loss through the walls, ceiling and floor.


ALPHA IOANNOU ECO – TECH provides certified insulation systems in buildings and at the best prices in the market.


External Thermal Insulation

With the use of external thermal insulation systems, measures are taken to reduce energy transfer to and from the building.

The external insulation is a protective shield that surrounds the facades of the building thus protecting it from exposure to extreme temperature changes and adverse climatic conditions.



External Thermal Insulation Systems

There is a wide range of insulation materials and therefore there are many possibilities for their respective fields of use.

The main external insulation systems are the following and any distinction is based on the basic thermal insulation material used in each system.




Internal Thermal Insulation


It is the most common solution for preserved buildings as well as apartment buildings.
This way you can ensure a space with good specifications for a comfortable stay and of course a greater interest for any prospective buyer or tenant.

Thermal insulation is an important measure to save energy and plays a major role in shaping the market value of the building.

Roof – Ceiling Insulation

Among all external surfaces, the roof is often one from which most heat is lost. However, insulation is a relatively easy and cheap task.

On flat roofs, the most effective way of insulation is achieved on external surfaces.

Alternatively suitable insulating material can be applied on the internal surface of the roof of the building.

For pitched roofs external or internal insulation solutions can also be applied.
External insulation is placed under the roof tiles or roof panels.

Internally if the housing is accessible from the inside of the building (the attic), the insulation is placed directly on the substructure of the roof. If the attic is unoccupied, the insulation can be applied directly on the floor of the attic.


Floor Insulation


Pilotis buildings lose heat unnecessarily without proper insulation. The insulation can be applied beneath the floor slab using relatively inexpensive materials that ensure high efficiency.

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